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Privacy policy

The Japan Soda Industry Association (JSIA) is well aware of the importance of personal information, and makes every effort to ensure its protection. In addition to observing related regulations, JSIA follows the privacy policy described below.

Acquisition of private information

JSIA may acquire information on those persons who have purchased its books, brochures, leaflets or videos, etc or who made inquiries, for the purpose of providing information on the soda industry.

Information items acquired

JSIA may acquire, for any person who made contact with JSIA, the name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, company name, and title, as provided by him/her.

Use of personal information
JSIA uses personal information acquired, as noted above, solely for the following purposes:
(1) Distribution of books, leaflets, brochures, videos, etc provided by JSIA
(2) Response to inquiries by e-mail or fax
When the management of personal information is commissioned to a third party, JSIA carefully reviews and evaluates the party chosen, and takes appropriate measures for the protection of information, including a nondisclosure agreement.
Disclosure of personal information to third parties

JSIA will not disclose acquired personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the person affected, except when legally required.

Management of personal information

Acquired personal information is registered and strictly controlled by a manager, who takes measures against unauthorized access to and leakage of such information, regularly checks the control status, and takes corrective measures, as necessary.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion of personal information
JSIA accepts the requests of persons, whose personal information are registered to JSIA, for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion of such information, and promptly takes appropriate measures.
Any request for such measures should be directed to Fax 03-3297-0315.
JSIA contacts the requester by e-mail or other appropriate means for identity verification.
Organization and system

The Director of the general affairs division is responsible for management of personal information.

Compliance with regulations

JSIA observes the regulations and in-house rules concerning the protection of personal information.

Terms and conditions of the use of this website

This website is operated by JSIA under the conditions stated below. These conditions are subject to change without notice; users are requested to always refer to the current version.

JSIA observes the regulations and in-house rules concerning the protection of personal information.

  1. While making efforts to provide accurate and useful information, JSIA does not offer any guarantee of accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this website.
  2. JSIA may change, suspend, or delete information contained in this website without notice.
  3. The user is reminded that information contained in this website should be used at his/her own judgment and responsibility. Neither JSIA nor associated organizations is responsible for any damage or its possibility on the part of the user, arising from the use of this website. In addition, neither JSIA nor associated organizations is responsible, for any damage on the user's part arising from the use of information contained in this website or the inability to use it, or from the suspension or termination of the operation of this website or modification of information contained in this website.
  4. JSIA is not responsible for any damage arising from the content or use of any website linked to this website.
Copyright notes
The copyright and other rights of all of the material contained in this website are owned by JSIA, the original author(s), or other right holders.
Except for private use or quotation, as specified in the Copyright Law, use, reprint, reproduction, redistribution, republishing, sales, or rental of any material in this website without the consent of JSIA, the original author(s), or other right holders is prohibited.
Private use or quotation is allowed under the following conditions.
  1. The use is not for commercial purposes.
  2. The use does not impose any disadvantage on JSIA.
  3. The content is not modified partially or totally.
  4. The copyright owner is clearly indicated.
Links to this website
Links to this website are accepted under the conditions stated below.
Please note that JSIA does not offer any warranty on the content of the websites linked to this website, and that any link does not imply any special relationship of JSIA with the operator of the linked site, or JSIA's recommendation of any merchandise or service provided by the operator.
  1. Links to websites containing any material intended for defamation or disrepute of JSIA or any third party are not accepted.
  2. Links to websites designed for infringement of the copyright, trademarks, or any other intellectual rights are not accepted.
  3. Links to websites designed for any commercial transaction effected by the link and display of the content of this website are not accepted.
  4. Links to any website that offends the public order and morals are not accepted.
  5. Links should be made to the top page of this website.
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